The New Personal Data Regulation

April 1, 2018

This May, the new EU regulation on the protection of sensitive data will become effective. We are aware that it is important for our customers that their partners and subcontractors can comply with the new regulation.

In Pointer A/S we used the summer of 2017 to upgrade and prepare our Database and IT-systems for the new EU regulation. At the beginning of November, we established a task force responsible for drawing up a project plan and implementing the necessary new processes. We are pleased to inform that the work is progressing on a regular basis and that Pointer A/S will be ready for the regulation:

July 2017

  • Upgrading of Database & IT-systems summer 2017 ✔

Nov. – Mar. 17-18

  • Establishing a taskforce ✔
  • Designation of a future Data Compliance Responsible ✔
  • Mapping of dataflow  ✔
  • Data flow optimization ✔
  • Preparation of a new decleration of consent and confidentiality  ✔
  • Training of employees (ongoing)

April 2018
Knowlegde sharing – implementation – follow-up
Pointer A/S

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