Candidate Survey about CSR

September 23, 2020

Pointer A/S has just conducted a survey, which focusses on the importance of companies’ CSR profile (Corporate Social Responsibility) when candidates are considering the next step in their careers.

The survey shows that 95% of the interviewed candidates prefer a future employer that takes responsibility when it comes to CSR – and several are even prepared to decline positions within certain industries or companies based on lack of CSR. At Pointer A/S, we have noticed these trends in the market, and CSR has become part of what the candidates ask about and are attracted by. That is also why we pay special attention when sparring with our clients about the importance of CSR, as well as how they can use their CSR profile positively when attracting new employees.

After assisting with more than 1000 recruitments, we are aware that there are no assignments that are alike. Therefore, we are always in close dialogue with our clients to ensure that our communication with potential candidates regarding the specific assignment ensures the right selection of candidates. Doing this, we help our clients attract the candidates that their business will be needing in the future.


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