Recruitment for companies in Greenland

Pointer A/S’ consultants have several years of experience with recruiting to positions in Greenland.

Greenland has tremendous potential in terms of nature, culture, and career opportunities. To accept a job offer in Greenland is not just a question of changing to a new position. It is a matter of moving your whole life – at least for a period – to a somewhat very different culture than the familiar. Often there is also spouse and children which must be considered. This is a very big decision and the need for timely clarification and thorough information about the position and other conditions are therefore crucial if the experience is to be a success for both the company and their new employee. With Pointer A/S’ extensive experience and proven search process, we ensure successful recruitment to positions in Greenland.

Pointer A/S offers recruitment on function management, middle management, and specialist level for companies in all industries and sectors in Greenland. Based on a careful analysis of the individual company’s needs we find the right candidate for the vacant position.

Recruitment in Scandinavia

Pointer A/S offers recruitment for positions in all of Scandinavia.

In 2018, Pointer A/S opened an office in Helsinki, Finland. Pointer OY is established in cooperation with Odgers Berndtson Finland, who has been recruiting at the executive level in Finland for more than 28 years and has an extensive network. Pointer OY’s consultants are all experienced in recruitment at the management and specialist level in Finland.

Pointer A/S has entered into a co-operation with the Norwegian recruitment company Raadhusgruppen AS, which enables us to offer recruitment for positions in Norway. Raadhusgruppen AS specializes in recruitment in Norway, and their company headquarter is placed in Oslo. All consultants at Raadhusgruppen AS have previous management experience and a wide knowledge of Norwegian business. In addition, Pointer A/S offers recruitment in Sweden and internationally through our parent company Odgers Berndtson A/S.