Pointer A/S comments on Grenlandic Business in Børsen

December 9, 2021

Pointer A/S’ Managing Director and Partner Inger Marie Ingvardsen has recently been interviewed by the Danish newspaper Børsen about Greenlandic Business.

Pointer A/S recruits to a wide range of companies in all industries and sectors in Greenland and has over the years carried out numerous recruitments for top positions in Greenland. Personally, Inger Marie Ingvardsen has more than 20 years of experience with recruitment for positions in Greenland and a wide-ranging network in the Greenlandic business community. For Pointer A/S, recruitment for Greenland has a high priority, and Inger Marie Ingvardsen is often in the country for contact and dialogue with clients and candidates. Inger Marie Ingvardsen comments:

“We have a permanent team that handles recruitment tasks in relation to Greenland and our approach is based on close dialogue with our customers about core competencies now and in the future. Our headhunting is typically based on source references from our network. In our experience, this gives the best results and most often more valid candidates”

Greenland’s business community demands skilled Greenlandic profiles as well as foreign candidates with experience from Greenland. Pointer A/S ‘many years of experience in the Greenlandic market ensures that we have close contact with the candidates and up-to-date knowledge of the competencies that Greenlandic companies demand.

The article can be read in Børsen’s using the link below:





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