Summer 2020

July 14, 2020

The first half of the year has passed, and summer of 2020 is upon us. For the entire Danish business community, it has been six unusual months marked by the Corona pandemic and its consequences. In Pointer A/S we have among others introduced Virtual Search to meet the continued need for recruitment despite the temporary closing down of Denmark and following focus on avoiding the spread of  the virus.

Hiring managers in all sectors has also felt the consequences and challenges. In late June, “ Finans” published a lengthy article on recruitment in the new era marked by Corona. In this, Pointer A/S’ CEO Inger Ingvardsen was quoted regarding the experiences which Pointer A/S has already gained in connection to this:

“Going forward, we will probably conduct the initial interviews by phone or video conference. Arranging video conferencing is faster. Such a meeting can also be held at fairly short notice. Normally, it can easily take four to five days to set up physical meetings with all the candidates. By using video conferences, we can save a lot of time”


In the article, Inger Ingvardsen also provides 5 good ideas on how to conduct a successful job interview by video:

“1. Check in advance that the technical part of the interview is in place. Is the camera turned on and is the microphone working? If the technicalities are in order in advance, it is easier to avoid an awkward beginning of the conversation.

  1. Avoid backlighting. A window in the back makes it difficult to read facial expressions, which can make it more difficult for both the candidate and the employer to find out who they are dealing with.
  2. Straighten your back. Although the surroundings may be different, it is still an advantage to sit with your back straight during the conversation.
  3. Prepare talking points. Because it is easier to interrupt each other on a video call, it places greater demands on the preparation of the conversation.
  4. Think carefully about the background. Especially for the candidates, it is important to remember that it is a professional interview and that it may prove a disadvantage if the background appears unprofessional. If there is no obvious neutral background in the home, you can blur it or add a neutral image as a background instead.”


In Pointer A/S, we have noticed the currently promising trends regarding the spread of the virus in Denmark and Europe and looks with confidence towards the second half of 2020.


Best wishes for a good summer 2020 and continued good cooperation,

Pointer A/S


PS: The mentioned article can be read in its entire form at:

Please note that access to this requires a subscription to Finans.


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