Autumn 2023

November 1, 2023

Autumn 2023

This autumn, the new technologies within AI are one of the big topics in Danish business life. This also applies within recruitment – including the opportunities and challenges it may provide in the near future and already does provide. We experience this in our daily dialogue with hiring managers, HR and candidates.

Many expect that AI tools going forward will be able to facilitate the administrative processes in connection with recruitment – ​​this applies both to companies when they screen CVs and to candidates when they have to write them. There are plenty of opportunities for optimization in various – primarily administrative – phases of the recruitment processes. Many of our clients are eager to reap the potential time savings of using AI to assess candidates against a position, but at the same time, they ask:

  • What bias will there be when using AI, and how it might conflict with e.g., the company’s diversity goals?
  • How do we avoid “falling asleep” and how do we stay professionally sharp when workflows in connection with recruitment are automated and carried out with the help of AI?
  • What human characteristics do we overlook?
  • What about the legal framework and compliance with GDPR – the framework for the use of the AI-solutions is still unclear and the basis fraught with risks in relation to, among other things, the legislation?

At Pointer, we have initiated a process focusing on the integration of the obvious possibilities that AI provides in our work with search and to prepare ourselves for a future recruitment market where AI will play a role. We have conducted an internal seminar on AI, updated our security policy and set up a taskforce that is currently testing a number of AI tools to assess, how we possibly can use them in connection with the administrative part of our search process.

In the future, AI is expected to compensate for differences in level of ability (with the help of AI, an employee with less knowledge and experience will be able to achieve results equivalent to the most skilled employees). Therefore, factors such as personality, management style and culture fit will become even more important when the right candidate needs to be identified. We are ready to continue advising our clients – also in a market characterized by AI – and we believe that the best match is achieved when people hire people.

Wishing everyone a good autumn.






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