Virtual Search

May 28, 2020

When a key employee is laid off, resigns or in case of other urgent needs in an organization, a quick and effective solution is needed. In such a situation, our clients sometimes ask for a different and even faster search process.

Based on the good experience we have gained in the past month, when Pointer A/S – like the rest of the Danish business community – has been forced to practice our business in a virtual reality, we can now meet this need with a brand new search process.

Going forward, Pointer A/S will be able to offer our clients a Virtual Search Process within a number of key functional areas, where we deliver a solution in just 4 weeks. The process combines virtual efficiency as well as the quality that characterizes our usual process – Professional Search. Based on virtual candidate screenings, we quickly take off, without our client having to compromise when it comes to Extended Resume and consultant participation at the presentation.

Please feel free to contact us, to hear more about how Virtual Search can help your organization: / +45 29 36 86 36.


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